Youth, future, and new films! Gbeck Future Film Festival is a competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world, designed to discover and support young filmmakers. The 2020 edition of the Festival is the sixth annual, and the second to be presented in PEI. Last year City Cinema hosted the event, and in a new twist this year, the Festival was held at the Brackley Drive-In on September 2-3.

Gbeck Future Film Festival focuses on new media and young filmmakers. The competition is divided into two parts: “Script” and “Production.” As well the films were grouped by length (short and full-length film), and organized in three types: drama, documentary and animation. Many great young filmmakers have been fostered by this event, and many excellent new films were discovered in the selection process.

The shortlist for the sixth GbeckFF was released in February 2020, with the winners announced in April. The quantity, quality, and coverage of the submitted films have improved significantly. The 2020 Gbeck Future Film Screening was presented in Prince Edward Island on September 2-3 after a successful PEI launch at City Cinema in the spring of 2019. The organizing committee has selected some excellent movies for screening which will feature the international nature of the Gbeck Film Festival, as well as promote the development of multicultural exchange in Prince Edward Island.

Films were submitted from China, Canada, America, Russia, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, and other countries; in total 28 short films were selected including two from PEI. The films are categorized as drama, documentary, or animation and they range in length from 3 to 30 minutes; all films have English-language subtitles. Each screening lasts about 100 minutes in total and the sessions are themed with topics such as “World View,” or “Childhood.”

Screening topics

Scene 1: Childhood
8 short films, 6:30, little commander, Knight&Dragon, A Legend, Girl With a Gun, ZhongYuan, An Encounter, He Can’t Live Without Cosmos, have our each people’s childhood, suitable for children and parents.

Scene 2: You Me
5 short films, The Bestie, Queen of the Crows, More Than Pain, Lost on the Branch, Last Will, all about the relationship between the two generations.

Scene 3: World View

7 short films, Movie Traveller, Bathhouse Drummer, The Last Bookstore, Furball, The Chef, Cover, The Heavy Burden, let us understanding of the world more comprehensive and more profound.

Scene 4: Dream City

8 short films, Bug, Some are Memories,Some are Habits, Driving Test, The Good Bye, The Misadventure of Eva, Please Don’t Go, Lethe, Gangcheng Garden, all from China Nine-Minutes Original Film Championship, you can see the creation of the Chinese outstanding young director.