Youth, future, and new films! Gbeck Future Film Festival is a competition of original films created by filmmakers from around the world, designed to discover and support young filmmakers. The 2021 edition of the Festival is the seventh annual, and the third to be presented in PEI. City Cinema hosted the screening on May 7-9.

PEI provincial government, Charlottetown government, Charlottetown film society, and all community partners, sponsors, and audiences witnessed the opening of the screening.

The 2021 Gbeck Future Film Screening has been presented in Prince Edward Island on May 7-9 after twice successful PEI launch since 2019. The films were submitted from China, Iran, British, Russia, France, Spain, and other countries; in total 25 short films and 1 full-length film. The films are categorized as drama, documentary, animation, and they range in length from 3 to 110 minutes; all films have English-language subtitles. Each screening lasts about 100 minutes in total and is themed with different topics.

Scene 1: Impermanence

Date: May 07, 7:00 PM

5 short films, come from different countries, shows the same complex, absurdity of the real world.

SuperprizeKonstantin ChelidzeRussiadrama
WarehouseHosein torkjooshIrandrama
Middle of NowhereTian-TinghaoChinadrama
ElephantbirdAmir Masoud SoheiliAfghanistan/Irandrama
Stop the BusDavid TrujilloFrancedrama

Scene 2: Childhood

Date: May 08, 2:00 PM

9 short films, there is the beauty of childhood, childlike precious, also has our each person’s childhood memories.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?Nick HalesUnited Kingdomanimation
Monkey KingLuo-AozeChinaanimation
The GirlLin-ZhiquanChinadocumentary
Once Upon a HeadA NuodiChinaanimation
Shepherd boyUlan KapizollaChinaanimation
AitxitxeMarkel GoikoetxeaSpaindrama
Spring in the HoodWang-ZeyuChinadrama
On The LooseZhou-JinghaoChinadrama
This side ,Other sideLida FazliIrananimation

Scene 3: People

Date: May 08, 7:00 PM

5 short films, shows the complicated human nature and diversity of life.

Living ChildrenGan-ChengyuChinadocumentary
Shanghai WindowsCarlo LinChinadrama
Unwed MothersXu-ShuoChinadocumentary
The ButterflyMasoud HaghiIrandrama
Father’s debtXu-HanlinChinadrama

Scene 4: Watchman

Date: May 09, 2:00 PM

6 film, about love, about family, about the dream. Are you a watchman too?

Warm HomeLiu-ZeyuChinaanimation
Ava’s SilenceSeyed GholamReza NematpourIrandrama
Pipo and Blind LoveHugo Le GourrierecFrancedrama
The Castle up the CloudLuo-BofanChinadrama
Three SticksYe-YunhuiChinadocumentary

Scene 5: Watch China

Date: May 09, 7:00 PM

From this film, see Chinese, understand Chinese.

When We Meet Under The Same SkyGao-JunChinadocumentary