The 2021 Gbeck Future Film Screening will be presented in Prince Edward Island on May 7-9. The organizing committee has selected some excellent movies for screening. The films were submitted from China, Iran, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Spain, Macedonia, and other countries; in total 25 short films and one full-length film. The films are categorized as drama, documentary, animation.

Scene 1: Impermanence

5 short films, come from different countries, shows the same complex, absurdity of the real world.

SuperprizeKonstantin ChelidzeRussiadrama
WarehouseHosein torkjooshIrandrama
Middle of NowhereTian-TinghaoChinadrama
ElephantbirdAmir Masoud SoheiliAfghanistan/Irandrama
Stop the BusDavid TrujilloFrancedrama

Scene 2: Childhood

9 short films, there is the beauty of childhood, childlike precious, also has our each person’s childhood memories.

Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Sane?Nick HalesUnited Kingdomanimation
Monkey KingLuo-AozeChinaanimation
The GirlLin-ZhiquanChinadocumentary
Once Upon a HeadA NuodiChinaanimation
Shepherd boyUlan KapizollaChinaanimation
AitxitxeMarkel GoikoetxeaSpaindrama
Spring in the HoodWang-ZeyuChinadrama
On The LooseZhou-JinghaoChinadrama
This side ,Other sideLida FazliIrananimation

Scene 3: People

5 short films, shows the complicated human nature and diversity of life.

Living ChildrenGan-ChengyuChinadocumentary
Shanghai WindowsCarlo LinChinadrama
Unwed MothersXu-ShuoChinadocumentary
The ButterflyMasoud HaghiIrandrama
Father’s debtXu-HanlinChinadrama

Scene 4: Watchman

6 film, about love, about family, about the dream. Are you a watchman too?

Warm HomeLiu-ZeyuChinaanimation
Ava’s SilenceSeyed GholamReza NematpourIrandrama
Pipo and Blind LoveHugo Le GourrierecFrancedrama
The Castle up the CloudLuo-BofanChinadrama
Three SticksYe-YunhuiChinadocumentary

Scene 5: Watch China

From this film, see Chinese, understand Chinese.

When We Meet Under The Same SkyGao-JunChinadocumentary